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from the roots come the fruits

We don’t manufacture food, we make it fresh!

Our handcrafted meals taste as amazing as they make you feel!

We deliver - and we’re ready when you’re hungry!

Our food, packaging and services are designed to create a healthier and happier person and planet!

healthy never tasted so good


No. If it’s convenient for you we provide that option. Otherwise, shop and buy what you want, when you want!

Our food is 100% plant based, using no animal or animal by-products. It is vegan and delicious!

We charge a flat $5 local delivery fee for each order.

Yes, the minimum order value is $20.00.

Our fresh food will be delivered to you with three to seven days shelf life (depending on the item.) We label each item with a "Best By" date for greatest enjoyment.

Orders can be filled as early as next day - depending on the day and time of the order.

You are able to select the day and time of your delivery (from available windows of time.)

Currently, our delivery schedule is:

Monday-Wednesday: 8am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm

Sunday: 10am-2pm

We look forward to serving you!