November 23, 2022

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Here at rootberry, we believe strongly that everyone deserves to eat better, so much so that we staked our name on it. Literally. Many of our customers wonder why we have such an unusual name. There have even been a few rather wild theories tossed about. But the truth is pretty straightforward.  

Our name contains two words:

  • Root. The 'root' may hold a plant in place but doesn't prevent it from growing. In fact, the stronger and deeper a plant's root system, the more nutrients it has access to, and the better it flourishes. Humans are not so different. To thrive, we all need a stable system that provides us with the support to become the best possible version of ourselves. Our roots can take hold in our families, communities, or even the places where we work.
  • Berry.  A berry is the fruit of a plant, its essence, and the entire reason for its existence. Yet, plants give away these precious fruits freely because they know that it is the one way they have to expand and grow their species. Sharing themselves with others is essential for the survival of future generations. It is an important lesson we all need to remember and try to practice daily. 

rootberry is not only our name, but it is also our philosophy. While we may craft healthy and delicious plant-based meals, that is what we do; it is not who we are. As individuals and as a business, we are much more than that. In whatever we are doing, we always try our best to adhere to the same core values and use them as guideposts to direct our actions.

Our Core Values

In these hectic times, it is too easy to get lost if you don't have strong principles to follow. Our philosophy as a company is summed up best with one of our favorite sayings: "From the roots, come the fruits." It means that everything we are and do is a reflection of the health of our roots and the fertility of the soil where we choose to plant ourselves. 

Based on this philosophy, we choose to embrace our core values of:

  • Staying smart, being present and loving learning.  We understand that knowledge is an inexhaustible resource, and the more we possess, the more we can give away without diminishing our precious stockpiles. Therefore, we never lose an opportunity to learn and share what we know. 
  • Finding health through being mindful and taking care of ourselves.  Everything that is good springs from a fit body and a clear mind. We take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. 
  • Sharing joy with those around you and spreading optimism.  We believe that relationships with family and community are our most treasured possessions. Therefore, we strive to safeguard and strengthen these relationships by bringing as much joy and hope as possible into the lives of those around us.

Is rootberry For Me? 

We craft plant-based meals for everyone. We offer healthy vegan meals that you will love no matter who you are or where you are on your personal plant-based diet journey. 

Maybe you are:

  • Someone who craves homemade-quality, dairy-free, and meatless meals but whose hard-driving and always-on-the-go lifestyle makes it challenging to find the time to cook. 
  • A parent who is unhappy with the quality of food available at the school cafeteria, and you want to give your child a fast and healthy option for lunch.
  • A food allergy sufferer or a person with another dietary restriction seeking safe and healthy options that you will actually look forward to eating. 
  • Already a longtime vegan or vegetarian who is bored with your current options and is looking for new healthy vegan meals that are deliciously satisfying. 
  • Someone who is thinking about switching to a healthier way of eating but wants to ensure you are still getting all the nutrition you need and are unsure where to start. 

Whoever you are and whatever situation you find yourself in, rootberry has the food for you!

rootberry: It's Healthy Food, Not Health Food

For too long, the food that was good for you wasn't exactly what anyone would call good food. In all honesty, the rather bad reputation of health food was well-earned by generations of flavorless and uninspired dishes. In the past, health-focused meals were an afterthought, a culinary problem to be solved, and not something worth spending too much time worrying about or trying to perfect. 

Enter rootberry. We are passionate about plant-based eating and obsessed when it comes to proving that you don't have to sacrifice amazing taste to eat in a way that respects yourself, those who grow and prepare your food, as well as the planet. 

We are bringing clean eating to St. Louis by offering a huge variety of delicious meals that just happen to be vegan. Whether you are looking for a quick bite when you are out and about or want to stock your fridge with a week's worth of heat-and-eat meals, we know you won't be disappointed with our food. 

You can find our vegan-friendly plant-based meals, snacks, and desserts at dozens of locations throughout the St. Louis area, including universities, hospitals, and retail locations. If you can't find rootberry meals near you, we even offer a healthy delivery service, so you won't ever run out.

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