February 14, 2023

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Don’t pass up the dessert tray on Valentine's Day or any other holiday because you have food allergies or restrictions. With rootberry, you can get all the sweet treats you need to satisfy even the toughest sweet tooth while still sticking to your eating requirements. You can even bring our sweet treats to a dessert swap to share with others. Everyone loves the tasty dessert options from rootberry. From chocolate chip cookies and oat bars to energy bites, all our sweet treats are nutritious, healthy, and absolutely delicious!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthy chocolate chip cookies are not a dream. Our soy and nut-free cookies use dairy-free chocolate and a gluten-free flour blend. They also have full flavor with chocolate chips in every bite of each giant cookie.

These flavorful treats taste just like homemade. You may even have people asking you for your recipe when you bring these treats to a cookie swap or to share at a holiday gathering. If others ask for your recipe, simply tell them, "rootberry." You can also share that the secret behind the great taste of these decadent cookies is their inclusion of all-natural, quality ingredients that fit into many diets.

Whether you choose to share these cookies with others or enjoy them for yourself, you may want to order extras. These cookies disappear fast! One reviewer admitted to eating three instead of only tasting one before remembering that they intended to set out the cookies for their coworkers.

Blueberry Oat Bars

Free of soy, nuts, dairy, and gluten, our blueberry oat bars will raise your expectations of how great healthy foods can taste. Bite into a chewy oat bar with a sweet, tart layer of blueberry puree in the middle and you’ll agree that these bars are “berry” good.

While these chewy, berry-packed oat bars taste great on their own, you can make them even better. Take them out of their package and warm them for 10 seconds in the microwave. You'll get fresh-from-the-oven flavor when you bite into the bars. Try both eating the bars fresh and warmed to find your favorite way to savor these treats.

Some people who order these blueberry oat bars because the treats fit into their dietary needs discover that even those without food restrictions love them. Their other family members without dietary restrictions also love these bars. If you order blueberry oat bars, ensure that you have enough for yourself and others in your family. These treats satisfy the craving for fresh fruit bars and decadent desserts.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Bites

While our peanut butter chocolate energy bites are perfect for fighting fatigue after a workout, they also are great treats for any time of the day. These bites include both peanuts and tree nuts. However, they do not contain gluten, dairy, or soy in the ingredients, which makes them fit well into many dietary plans.

Sweetened with extra flavorful, natural maple syrup, these energy bites have a decadent drizzle of melted chocolate over each one. Whether you choose to enjoy these as an energy source to get you through the day or as a treat to wind down at night, you’ll agree with others who have called them “scrumptious” treats.

During the holidays, call these truffles or candy balls for names that fit better with the other sweet treats served at that time of the year. The great taste of the peanut butter chocolate energy balls, however, does not need any changes to fit into a cookie tray or other dessert spread.

Coconut Chocolate Energy Bites

Imagine biting into a sweet, chocolate bite with a coating of shredded coconut on the outside. You may feel like you have cheated on your diet, but if you ate one of our coconut chocolate energy bites, you probably didn't. Soy, dairy, and gluten-free, these energy bites will sate your craving for something sweet and decadent while fitting into many common dietary restrictions. The flavor and sweetening in these energy bites come from all-natural dates, not white sugar. So, these bites are both healthy and delicious.

Fresh dates, chocolate, and shredded coconut blend together to create our extra chocolatey coconut chocolate energy bites. With vegan chocolate chips and cocoa in these balls, you have two sources of rich chocolatey goodness with the sweet flavor of shredded coconut surrounding the bites. Almonds add a nutty flavor as well.

Serve up these coconut-blasted treats for sweet indulgences that most people won't realize are as healthy as they are tasty.

Get Dessert Help from rootberry

No matter the season, stick to your eating plan and enjoy decadent flavorful treats and meals from rootberry. You'll find everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, have healthy treats for holiday parties, and solutions for last-minute weeknight meals. Let rootberry help you have a sweet tooth celebration in a healthy and delicious way.

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